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Simple, Transparent Savings

Pay Zero offers the technology to help merchants offer a card price and cash price in store. By clearly displaying both prices in stores, customers now have the choice to pay however they want more clearly.

Legally Vetted

Unlike surcharging, PayZerois legally vetted in all 50 states and is compliant with all federal laws and card processing regulations.

No Obligations

Try PayZero with your customers as long as you like. If for any reason you don’t love it, we’ll switch you back to traditional processing.

Fast Setup

Hassle free payment processing is just a call away. PayZero is fast to set up with durable plug-and-play equipment.

Simple Pricing

PayZero pricing and fees are fully transparent to merchants and customers.

Fully Mobile

Wireless terminals available for payments on the go. No pin pad required.

All Payments

Available for all credit card types, ApplePay and AndroidPay with EMV chip required.

Give Your Customers More Choice

Merchants simplify their experience by clearly disclosing both prices in store and letting the payments terminal do the rest of the work! The terminal display the option to the customer a price in card and a price in cash.
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Zero Cost Processing

Are you looking for a way to accept credit cards and make additional capital each month to put toward your overhead expenses?   The PayZero Program is the solution for you.  Be able to apply service fees to your in-store purchases and – if you wish – offer a discount to cash-paying customers.

See What You Can Save

Use the calculator to determine potential savings on an annual basis.
Restaurant Owner

Tatia Guillen, Alice Burgers

“PayZero has made it alot easier for us to manage our income and our net profit is looking good!”


Theresa Guerra, Boost Mobile

“No customers complain and I am saving about $1,500 per month to put back into my business.”

Record Store

George Lopez, T Town Music

“PayZero offered me a different way to do business that allows me to earn about $500 per month.”

Dry Cleaning Manager

Angel Yankas,
Angel Cleaners

“I”m really happy with PayZero and I recommend it to anyone running a business.”


At PayZero, you can expect flexible pricing, accuracy, and integrity.  We are dedicated not only to providing reliable and affordable services but making sure your business receives the best customer support within the payments industry.  With an A+ rating from BBB Accreditation, we stand by the unmatched services we extend to our customers.



Need a gateway or virtual terminal? Let us show you our portfolio of robust eCommerce solutions to help your business take off. 



Our processor is Level 1 PCI DDS certified.  With ongoing scans, risk assessments and penetration testing you can ensure you have both a partner and a solution you can trust.



Whether you just need a robust terminal, or an all-inclusive POS system, we have you covered with our suite of products.



Our US-based customer service team has one of the best call times in the industry with the expertise to resolve your issues quickly in English or Spanish.



Our risk management team actively monitors all processing activity and will contact you immediately if there are any red flags to your transactions.



We always strive to find you the best rates available for traditional processing and with PayZero Service Fee Program, you can stop paying fees altogether.  


Ready to Learn More?

Contact us for your free savings analysis and demo.

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